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"Add a Catchy Title" Redirecting Focus: From Clickbait to Clarity

Made you look.

That's what it's all about today, right? Flashy, eye-catching, distracting elements that maintain the whiplash of attention so much so that one might mistake your erratic behavior for a match at Wimbledon.

Here. There. Here. There. 🎾 👀

The title of this blog post is 'Add a Catchy Title', because that's what the prompt was for this initial entry. When I decided to add the blog to my website, I didn't know what I was going to write about. I never really do. I always improvise. What's more creative than that? Juices flowing only once the tap has been opened. Nothing more raw. I decided that leaving the prompt was more interesting than creating my own. Creative, right? ...

Here's a crazy proposition: what if we began to look away? What if we redirected our focus and looked inward instead of outward, paid more attention what we truly desire for more than 15 minutes, rather than what we're told we need from the latest AI-generated clickbait? In today's consumer-driven society, our 'needs' are primarily external influences from marketers (yes, I'm aware I'm in this industry, hence why I have a strong awareness of it) telling us what we want, disguised as what we 'need'. We 'need' to buy those clothes so we fit in and will be liked or approved of. We 'need' to buy that skincare product because we won't be loved or worthy if our faces aren't porcelain and free of flaws. We 'need' to attend this event to propel ourselves into the next social stratosphere.

But wait, we're forgetting something. We're forgetting who decides what we need; who is the only one we can trust knows exactly what we not only need, but what we really want?

Do we really want what we are told we need? Or should we start looking at what we want to determine what we need to get there? We want to be accepted, loved and happy. We know clothes, products and external influences aren't going to get us there. Where else can we find the answer if we don't begin to look elsewhere from what's giving us false hope and a false sense of security, time and time again? In my opinion, it's time to turn away from the flashing lights and face ourselves, asking and listening without judgement, rather than being lectured by others what they believe to be the best solution for our problems.

I propose we refocus, re-calibrate, recalculate and tune in to ourselves, away from the 'catchy' clickbait titles, toward the clarity only we can give ourselves.

I'm curious. What do you think?


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