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About Flamingo Co.

Hi! I'm Liz McCrea.

I started Flamingo Collaborative after helping family and friends with their entrepreneurial journeys, realizing I loved the process and was driven by the value I was able to bring to them. The opportunity to extend that value beyond my network came as an epiphany and I haven't looked back since.

My mission with Flamingo Co. is to viscerally understand your business and its customers, assimilate your vision and the messaging behind it, and build a simple, beautiful, and functional website that conveys the story you want to tell, and that your customers need to hear.

Why Flamingos?

Originally from South Florida, most would assume that I decided to incorporate the big pink bird due to my origin. That couldn't be farther from the truth.


The truth is, I used to hate flamingos! As a Florida girl, their plastic doppelgangers were everywhere, and I grew up rolling my eyes at them. Fast forward to early 2023, having two beautiful little girls and in full-on mom mode, I learned that flamingos lose their iconic pink color when spending all their energy taking care of their young.


It's not until the young begin to grow, become more independent, and the flamingo mom/dad is able to care for themselves again, that they regain their pink color. This fact (go ahead, look it up) hit me hard, straight to the heart, and since then, it's been flamingos all the way. 🦩

Liz and hubs at the river_edited_edited.jpg
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